Outcalls offer clients the chance to host their escort at an ideal venue. When planned well, they can be enjoyable for both parties. However, outcalls can be risky for escorts. They may be exposed to police stings, client problems, robbery and other dangers. Outcalls can lead to major losses when safety is overlooked. If you are interested in taking up outcalls, here are a few ways to enhance your safety.

Always verify the location

You need to check the location to make sure it is safe. Some malicious clients will drag their escorts into dangerous situations by hiring their services and inviting them to an unsafe place. By checking your location beforehand, you will be able to verify it and take necessary means to stay safe. You should always avoid shady and isolated areas. If your client suggests an outcall in a hotel, you may need to call ahead to confirm they are staying there.

Travel by your own means

Never travel with your client. Instead, hire a driver to take you to and from your meetings. A trustworthy driver will ensure hassle free travelling. They will also provide some security by waiting, since clients will be too wary to make any bad moves. Always let your drivers know the details of your meeting, and have them standby in case they are needed quickly. They are convenient for emergency needs as well. In case your client changes your outcall location, you will be much safer travelling with your driver.

Check for cameras

You should check out your outcall venue for any cameras. Some clients may secretly film their escorts, using the footage for blackmail and other vices. You need to run a quick check on your location to make sure it is clear. That said, some cameras may be too small to spot. You can observe your client for giveaway behavior that might suggest illegal recording. If you feel uncomfortable after checking, you can still cancel your date to remain safe.

Receive their payments first

Payments can cause some conflict between escorts and their clients, especially when received after service provision. To avoid any issues, you should collect your payment before any interaction occurs. This will ensure a smooth date without any complications.

If you do not feel safe holding onto your payment, you could forward it with your driver or a different trustworthy person. Avoid dealing with virtual payments and cards, opting instead for simple cash payments. You should be ready to walk out on clients who do not meet your agreed payment terms.

Be ready to cancel

You should always be ready to cancel your outcall meeting when it doesn’t feel right. Avoid clients who are drunk and rowdy, as well as those changing plans at the last minute. If you must engage with a client that is planning on changing the venue, do not travel together to the unknown location. Travelling through your own means and having a driver waiting can enhance your outcall safety. Trust your gut and cancel out on any suspicious clients quickly.

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