As an escort you will have to choose between in call and outcall meetings for your clients. Unlike outcalls, which are hosted away from the escort’s premises, in calls can raise the risks for escorts. They may face police stings, robberies and interactions with obsessive clients. With the right efforts, escorts can contain the risks facing them. If you are considering in calls, here are a few tips to boost your safety.

Rent your workplace

You should avoid working from home. Even though it will be more expensive, you have to rent out an ideal space for in call services. This way, you can enhance your safety when you aren’t working. You should only opt for secure locations to appeal to your clients. You should also redirect your mail to avoid snoopy neighbours from getting a hold of your information.

Keep your address private

Your address should be hard to come by, whether you live at home or at your in call. Even though you will eventually share out the details with clients, you need to limit access to the information. You can request a deposit to scare away time wasting customers.

 You could also share your address only 30 minutes before a booking, as well as directing clients to a nearby landmark instead. You may also share out your apartment name without detailing your exact location until your client arrives. Keeping your address confidential will boost your safety and lower the risk of cancellations.

Set up a security camera

You can monitor access to your in call by setting up a security camera. These tools range from motion sensor doorbell cameras to fully mounted pieces. They will offer visual checks to p an eye on incoming clients. You can check for and keep out signs of intoxication, unwanted guests and other vices to ensure your safety. A camera will help you stay aware of your surrounding for enhanced safety.

Collect payments first

To avoid any problems with payments, you need to collect your earnings first. You will not engage in conflicts with clients over payments, with their dues already met. Collecting before the date begins will ensure an uninterrupted and problem free experience.

Keep your money separately

You should avoid keeping money in your in call. You need to regularly move out your earnings to a secure storage. Some clients may engage in illegal means to sweep your coffers clean. To avoid this, you need to store your money somewhere else. If you have to keep your earnings in your in call, consider using a safe.

Feel free to cancel

If you are not comfortable with a client, you should be ready to cancel your booking. Some clients may be inebriated, excessively aggressive, and suspicious or have a bad character. By cancelling these bookings, you will be better able to enhance your wellbeing.

Final word

In calls are great for escorts; they are comfortable and secure, and can be enhanced for high safety levels. If you are considering in calls, these tips should boost your safety. Remember to share access to your schedule and any surveillance with a trusted person to ensure the highest safety level.

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